Training Leads

Buy Dog Training Leads

Our training leads are Australian made of brushed polyester/cotton webbing and available in a variety of colours and are the ideal length to use for training. These leads are gentle on the hands and wash and wear well.

Training on a long lead is difficult as you are constantly having to cope with a handful of bunched up excess lead,  so save your longer leads for loose lead walking to the park,

Ideal for medium size dogs:

Width: 20mm

Length:  90cms

Ideal for small dogs:

Width: 20mm

Length 120cms

Ideal for large dogs:

Width: 25mm

Length:  90cms


Waist Brace Lead





This adjustable lead is Australian made of brushed polyester/cotton webbing and worn around the handler’s hips and has a lead attachment to the dog.

The lead leaves your hands free so is ideal to use for clicker training, and is a favourite of joggers and mothers with prams.


Double Ended Lead


This Australian made soft cotton webbing lead can be used full length or clipped to make shorter lead. Ideal for a larger breed of dog who pulls as one end can be clipped to a front harness the other to the collar to give greater control.

Width: 25mm

Length: 2.0m