A fun sport for you and your dog on the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Frisbee or Canine Disc is a fun sport for both dogs and handlers alike. It is suitable for many different breeds, ages and athletic ability. The only skills needed are a desire to catch a Disc and retrieve it, if your dog doesn’t want to bring it back, you’ll need to go and get it yourself.

For the handler minimal athletic ability is required and learning to throw a Disc for your dog is easy.

There are two Canine Disc Associations in Australia and each one has different games and titles to be earned.

Fun dog frisbee games to play.

There are many fun Frisbee Games to play, all are timed, some have bonus points for your dog catching the Disc in a certain spot known as “the sweet spot” and others have bonus points for having completed the goal of the game before the time is all used up.

We also talk about dog fitness and conditioning in the classes and use balance equipment to strengthen the dog’s bodies.

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Frisbee Class Times