Teach your puppy to shake hands (video)

teaching dog to shake hands

Easy and quick dog and puppy training tips with video.

To teach your dog or puppy ‘shake hands’, present your hand with food in it but don’t let your puppy have the food. Your pup will try to nose it at first and then paw your hand to try to get the food. After a few attempts at pawing, give the food with the flat of the hand toward the pup as this will be the hand signal for ‘shake hands’.

Puppy Training Video – Teaching your puppy to shake hands.

If your puppy is too young to start with us or you are waiting for the next introduction class here are some videos to help you get started. The puppy in the video is a four month old Standard Poodle called Phoenix who belongs to Wendy, our Dog Tracks editor.

Many thanks to Kumalong Australia, who supplies us with a beautiful range of collars, leads and harnesses, who made these videos.

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